As you already know I celebrated my birthday in Bali. Before we left my best friend gave me an envelope which I had to take with me and open it on the morning of my birthday. I had to swear I won’t peek in before my day 🙂 And there it was, a trip to Rome!

I opened my present in Ubud, Bali

Of course, she knew why she picked it, for me as a future architect Rome was on the top of the must-visit cities list for a long time and traveling with her always means exploring on a pro level, so you can imagine how happy I was!

So we made an ultimate 3-day Rome trip, we saw everything we wanted and even meet the pope.


Rome is really not just a historic city, it’s fair to say that the whole city is a museum and by far the best way to explore it is by foot.

We arrived on late Monday afternoon, take an evening walk through the city and went on a search for our Airbnb apartment. I really love Airbnb, when we were in Indonesia we made almost all reservations through Airbnb and was always a good idea! Homemade Italian dinner and a good night sleep were ahead of us.

When I travel to explore I always wear comfy outfits and a cool backpack.

In the morning we head back to the city center, we first visited the amazing Colosseum and Roman forum as a proper introduction to our historic trip, we walked forward to Pantheon, another architectural pearl of its time and stopped on the way there at the Trevi fountain. We threw some coins in for good luck and walked ahead to famous Spanis stairs.

We bought a 48h ticket for all types of urban transport (really recommend) and to rest our legs a little we hop on a bus and take a ride to the Venice square and visited some more antic Roman ruins in the walking distance. It was time for a brunch and where better to have it than in a little Italian bakery with fresh paninis. Baths of Diocletian were next and their museum, that we take a ride with metro to Circus Maximus and walked by the Baths of Caracalla. It was already getting dark so we decided to take a ride with tram and head back to our rooftop Airbnb apartment. We made ourselves another Italian dinner, have a glass of traditional white wine and fall asleep in no time.

There it was our last day in this beautiful city, which we dedicated to the Vatican city. We left our luggage at the main train station (they have special rooms for it- such a brilliant idea) and took a bus ride to the holy city. Like mentioned in the beginning we travel on a pro level, therefore it was no wonder that exactly on Wednesdays pope Franco comes out to greet the people. I’m not exactly a raised Catholic but I have to admit it was an experience full of special energy and touching moments. We take a proper look at the main square with St. Peters Basilica and went on a walk around the city walls to the Vatican Museums. You can easily spend an entire day there, they have so many different collections, some of them were really breathtaking, but we had only two hours left so we went on a search through the maze of Vatican hallways to the Sistine Chapel. That was I think the perfect end to our Roman trip.

We planned the way back with 2 minutes accuracy, caught the train to the airport and flew back home. My dearest Tina, thank you once again for this amazing birthday present, I love you!

And thank you for reading about our ultimate trip to Rome, if you have any questions about our plan feel free to ask in the comments, I would be happy to help 🙂

Kisses, Neža