We spent an amazing weekend in Kranjska Gora for a bachelorette party! Our bride-to-be has just the best brides squad and we are all so looking forward to her big day. On this occasion, I wanted to share some thoughts about having a long-term loving relationship.

I believe in love and in every other area of your life is the same – you will feel what you will choose to feel. That means if you have chosen to believe that being in love is a short-term emotion, that is up to you. What I believe in, is that every single day you can decide how you will feel about every single aspect of your life. That doesn’t mean that you neglect your feelings or act different of what you feel, that simply means that being happy is a choice, a choice you make about how you will deal with the situation given. You can always choose your perspective. And in love is just the same. To feel the love every single day you have to choose to be love, to give love and act from love. That means that if your loved one does or says something that would normally make you angry, upset or in doubt, try to act from love, from understanding. The following actions will be a complete opposite to those when acting from a negative perspective.
Start with love and I assure you-you will get it in return, more and more and the feeling that you thought was long forgotten or lost, will suddenly return.


Enjoying the winter wonderland in a warm a cozy outfit with my new Liu Jo winter jacket.

Of course, there are and will be days that are less good, but on those days instead of being hard on yourself for acting too quick or from emotions that you already know won’t bring any good, just give yourself a bit more time. Personally, when I start to feel down I intentionally start saying thanks in my mind for everything that I am grateful for. That instantly makes me feel better because I am closer to my true self than I would be if I would let myself in anger or sadness.
And there you have it, a recipe for a lifelong relationship filled with love that starts with you.