Hi loves!

It’s been too long since my last post! So many things happened in between, some were the best, some were the worst but I’m back on track now, more committed and stronger than ever before! I think my style these days reflects that and that’s why I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a new post.

I’ve prepared two different spring outfits, that can both transform from casual to chic in a minute. I love to create my looks that way because I love to wear casual outfits during my errands or office part of the day and transform them to a more chic version for meetings or after work dates with my girls.

  • First spring casual-to-chic look

  1. I’ve chosen my favorite pair of ripped jeans and heels, a black lace top, which I covered with a spring sweater and a Valentino bag with the over the shoulder strap for the first part of my day.


  1. Later on, I replaced the sweater with a blazer and simply put off the strap, grab my bag with my hands and walked into a meeting.
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Pripravila sem dva različna pomladna outfita, ki se oba z lahkoto spremenita iz bolj sproščenega v bolj šik izvedbo v minuti! Sama zelo rada izbiram in oblikujem takšne outfite, saj se rada udobno in hkrati dobro počutim med sproščenimi opravki in urejeno in šik na sestankih ali zmenkih s prijateljicami.
Izbrala sem moj najljubši par strganih kavbojk in črnih pet, črn top s čipko, bel spomladanski pulover in Valentino torbico s širokim pasom za čez ramo za prvi del dneva. Kasneje sem pulover zamenjala za črn blazer in preprosto odstranila pas iz torbice, jo prijela v roke in odkorakala na sestanek.
  • Second spring casual-to-chic look

  1. I love to wear high waisted jeans all year long so spring is no exception! Therefore I picked the one I like the most, same pair of black heels, a black satin shirt and covered it with a woolen sweater. I’ve chosen my other baby from Valentino, a belt bag, which you can wear both around your waist and over the shoulder, and some big sunnies from Dolce and Gabbana for the casual part of my day.

  1. After work, I took off the sweater, replaced it with my all-time favorite Zara trenchcoat and replaced the Valentino with Moschino bag for the chicest part of the day.

Obožujem kavbojke z visokim pasom tekom celega leta in pomlad ni nobena izjema. Zato sem izbrala moj najljubši par, enake črne pete, satenasto črno srajco in volnen pulover. Dodala sem drugo najljubšo Valentinovo torbico, ki se jo lahko nosi okrog pasu in čez ramena, zato je odlična za sproščene spomladanske kombinacije in velika sončna očala Dolce and Gabbana za sproščeni del dneva.
Po službi sem pulover zamenjala za moj najljubši Zarin trenč in Valentino torbico za Moschino za vse ostale šik opravke 🙂

I hope you’ve liked it and found some useful tips! Have a great spring my friends and I can’t wait to be in your company again!