I visited our fashion week in Ljubljana for the first time and this was my outfit for day one. I went for something not too exposed but on point.

And black & red combo is always my go-to for almost any occasion of this kind.


The fashion show was interesting, the setting was great and I went there with Aleksandra – which means we had a wonderful eve full of good laugh and best vibes.

Black jeans Zara, white shirt Zara, red blazer Orsay, bag Moschino, hair Hiša las

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Jelena Pirkmajer for Cliche, who celebrated her 25 anniversary in designing and all models wore Mrs. B. Rose sandals from Alpina which was like a cherry on top of the whole show:


Honestly, the only thing I was disappointed by was the behavior of many other visitors. I believe that fashion is or should be something that connects all of us, it should be open, acceptive, like a kind dialogue between us,  where there is room for expressing, for being different and authentic. The sad truth is that many people act important – but without manners. For me, that is something that I will never ever understand.

But for all of us kind people, this is not something that affects us and I still warmly recommend all of you to visit it next year and set a good example to others just by acting like we all should and make a world a bit better place. Because you can be strong, powerful, successful, empowering and kind – at the same time 🙂