We left beautiful Gili islands behind us and went on a boat ride back to Bali. Boat was delayed for two hours because of big waves and rough sea and when the locals say it’s rough, it’s a nightmare. And so it was, we were driving for three hours, over such big waves you can’t imagine, people were feeling sick, fading away, water was coming in trough every way possible, we had to close all the windows but left the back door open for a bit of fresh air and every time a wave hit us water came in from the back… i was so scared but thankfully we survived and came back safe to Padangbai harbour, where our driver was already waiting for us and took us to Sanur, another harbour where we needed to let the fear behind a step on the new boat to Nusa Lembongan.

I’m so glad we did it, because when we were driving back to Bali i said to Marko that I’m not going on any other boat here ever again (though i’m in love with the sea and boat life) because it was that scary! But like in any other situation in life when you are scared and would rather just walk away, we faced the fear and let it behind after a fresh banana juice, for an amazing experience we had in the Nusa islands.

They are just 30 minutes away by a fast boat from Sanur in Bali and are, for my opinion, a true must-go-to when in Bali. When you step off the boat into shallow turquoise waters, time stops. The locals are so friendly ,smiling all the time, they arranged a free transfer to the resorts for all the passengers of Sugriwa fast boat transfer and help us carry the luggage.

We were staying in the Sunset garden resort, on the top of the hill over Sandy Bay beach, in cozy wooden bungalows with an open bathroom, very nice pool and even better food. After a good night sleep and tasteful breakfast, we rented a motorbike and drove off to explore the beautiful Nusa Lembongan and her smaller sister Nusa Ceningan. Our first stop was Dream beach, a beautiful sandy beach worth of her name and then we continued to Nusa Ceningan in search of a Secret beach. Now that was a true dream beach, all alone, well hidden under the cliffs, where only locals know how to access it with the bike (for a small tip, of course). White sand beach, palm trees, and wonderful sea. We could’ve stayed there forever.

But instead, we drove back to Nusa Lembongan, trough a beautiful mangrove forest, met some local girls selling bracelets and head back for a lunch. We finished the day on the Sandy Bay beach, watching the sunset and went to explore some more of the island.

We found a place called Devils tear, a stony cliff shore, where huge waves were hitting the rocks one after another and island returned the show with clouds of tiny water drops blowing back to the sea like I’ve never seen before! Tropical storm chases us back to the resort and another rainy night was on the horizon. We left Nusa Lembongan in the morning, with a nice, sunny boat ride back to Bali where we meet our driver Ngurah Okha again and drove off to the west shore of Bali, called Balangan beach.


We found a beautiful boutique resort called L’Alchemist, with wooden bungalows and tree houses, a breathtaking pool and three friendly dogs running around – it’s like it was meant for us. They even had a vegan restaurant, which is surprisingly more common to find in Bali than in Slovenia. Our bungalow was called Balance and truly was a mixture of open space, with a tree in the bathroom and glass walls around the room, surrounded by palm trees. It was a perfect choice to end our Indonesian holidays.

We rented a motorbike on the next day and drove to Uluwatu, where unfortunately were too many tourists for my taste trying to enter the temple, so we decided to left that for the next time when we will be in Bali and rather visited Uluwatu beach, a well-hidden surf spot after a climb down of hundred stairs. The sight down there was amazing and we made a decision that we will learn to surf until the next time we come here. On the way there and back we stopped on the Dreamland beach and at the Sunset point, all worth visiting and then head back to the resort where we were hosting a charity pool party for victims of Mount Agung evacuation. It was a fun afternoon, full of very good live music,  great artists, fresh juices and ended with a delicious dinner. And there it was, the last night in magical Bali. It was truly an amazing experience, full of emotions, breathtaking moments, personal challenges, a bit of fear but fulfilled with gratefulness. On the last day, we chilled by the pool, went shopping in Kuta and then jumped on the plane to Doha. After a long flight and a quick stop at the Qatar airport, which is like walking in the future, we arrived in Zagreb. In flipflops. We ended our vacation in style, with almost 30 degrees difference in outside temperature but with warmth in our hearts. <3

Thank you for reading our Indonesian travel diaries, I’m sending light & peace to all of you.

Kisses, Neža

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