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Neža was born in Slovenia, in 1991. She has a masters degree from Architecture and also likes to call herself a digital entrepreneur – simply because she does so many different things online. She founded a company with her boyfriend and works there as a creative director and head designer.
On her platform #nezaspruk, you can find a 360′ inspirational content all created by Neza and her team. It’s a place where modern and successful women get inspired to look, feel and do everything even better.
“I always believed in making a change, even with the smallest actions. Trough my passion for sharing this is my opportunity to officially inspire you to become the change you want to see in the world.
With all the best,
Neža Spruk.”


The #nezaspruk inspirational platform was founded by Neža in 2017.
It’s a 360′ inspirational content written by a self-made woman entrepreneur. The main goal of the platform is to bring true personal inspiration and positive energy closer to the readers’ trough beautiful content, created by someone who lives what she writes about.
The authors passion for sharing and the content made on the highest level are lifting the platform more on a magazine level than a blog. With the help of The NS team, the platform is always improving and serving the readers and followers with better performance.
The platform is and a place to enjoy your morning coffee or evening free time with. You can find inspiration from many different fields of interest and personal motivation to pursue your own dreams.

Photo: Aleksandra Mokič ©